11% Yields

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority under the Ontario Ministry of Finance, mandates that all licenced mortgage lenders (Banks, Trust Companies, etc.) including Mortgage Brokers, must calculate an APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on all fixed rate and fixed payment mortgages, using the semi-annual not in advance interest formula. The EIR (Effective Interest Rate) is the compounded annual yield which includes the additional discount and fees that are earned by you.


As the example below shows, the annual EIR (Effective Interest Rate) on a 8.962% 1 year $75,000. mortgage, plus the additional discount and fees earned by you, will yield 11%.

1 Year Mortgage Investments from $25,000. to $100,000. 



All Mortgage Investments are for a 1 year term only and our investors are under no obligation whatsoever to renew any mortgage.  However, since 1976 we have found that almost all of our investors do in fact renew the mortgage.  The reason being, is that the yield on year 2 will be the same or higher yield than year 1, regardless of any bank rate decreases. If you decide to renew after the 1st. year, you are assured of a minimum yield of  11% or greater in year 2.

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